Avon Engineering designs, manufactures and reconditions custom below-the-hook lifting equipment, many developed for very specific material handling requirements. Our emphasis is on “mill duty” equipment, designed for demanding applications.

We supply floor based equipment, such as transfer cars and up-enders that move or rotate your product based on your specific requirement, along with coil handling equipment, designed for the packaging of steel or aluminum coils.

Avon Engineering manufactures new and reconditioned gearboxes and crane wheels assemblies that employ Xtek’s long history of excellent performing gear and wheel components.

Our facility is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada contains 38,400 square feet of machining, welding and assembly equipment. We provide in house and on site engineering services, which include equipment design, evaluation and certification.

Your business demands the right combination of engineering, metallurgy, quality, toughness, and reliability that Avon Engineering can provide. We welcome you to contact us for your specific requirement.

Avon products and services