Avon Engineering designs and manufactures a full range of slit coil packaging systems to work in conjunction with standard and special application slitting lines. These systems are available in economical, manually operated configurations or in sophisticated, automated, PC-controlled high production systems designed to meet virtually any plant layout.

Benefits of Avon Engineering coil packaging systems:

  • Increase material flow and revenue
  • Reduce product damage
  • Reduce maintenance costs and downtime
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase profitability

Coil Packaging photos

Most slit coil packaging lines are located directly after the exit turnstile of the slitting line they service. Coil cars move coils to a turnstile which stores up to four sets of slit coils. Coils can be loaded or removed by a C-hook, coil car or downender.

Conveyors move the product to each stage of the packaging process. Space and price considerations frequently dictate the quantity of conveyors selected. More conveyors provide extra storage to free up the turnstile area.

The usual stack packaging process involves:

  • Weighing the skidded stack
  • Securing the coil stack to the skid with either:
    • Steel or plastic strapping
    • Stretch film wrapping and roping
  • Visual checking of shipping package and application of shipping labels
  • A stretch film wrap and top sheet application is often used to seal the secured coil stack

Coil Packaging photos

Eight Postion Sortation Table

Almost every packaging line that we have built has a different layout to suit process requirements and building designs. Please review the attached product bulletins or contact us and let us help you with the most efficient layout.

Coil Packaging photosFour-arm Turnstile
Coil Packaging photosPick and Place Downender
Coil Packaging photos
Coil Packaging photosDirection Change Conveyor
Coil Packaging photosAuto Indexing Changer