Floor-based, heavy duty material handling equipment is designed by Avon Engineering to provide safe and efficient handling of your product. If your need is to rotate, transfer, lift or position your product, Avon Engineering has the experience to design equipment to address the needs of your application.

Rotating equipment is designed to meet a variety of dimensional, capacity and application requirements. Based on the size, weight and configuration of the product being handled, our equipment can be designed with either mechanical or hydraulic powered systems.

Transfer cars are designed to move your product within your facility from station to station. This equipment can include electric or propane drives, and can be fully automated. Custom lift tables and platforms are designed for high capacity and high duty. Our lift tables are built to comply with AWS D1.1 and ANSI MH29.1 standards.

Avon Engineering builds and services the following types of equipment:

  • Transfer Cars
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Upenders and Load Inverters
  • Scissor Lift Tables

Put Avon Engineering to work for your company. Review the floor based equipment section of our image gallery, review our product bulletins, or contact us to discuss your specific material handling requirements.


Transfer Cars

Avon Engineering engineers transfer cars to your exact specifications.They enhance industrial manufacturing efficiency by providing a reliable, swift means of transporting materials and products within a facility.They minimize manual handling, reducing labor costs and enhancing safety. Their precision and speed optimize material flow, reducing bottlenecks and downtime, leading to increased productivity, streamlined operations, and a more organized, efficient manufacturing floor.

They have many applications such as handling steel coils, molds and dies, radioactive waste containers, fabricated structures and machine sub-assemblies. Depending on the application the car may operate on rail or on top of smooth concrete with urethane wheels, walk along or fully automated.

Drive systems may include:

  • AC electric motor fed by cable reel with enclosed conductor bars or festoon system
  • DC electric motor powered by 24V or greater battery pack
  • Propane generator
  • Non-motorized towable carts
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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Sometimes called self-guided vehicles or autonomous guided vehicles, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are material handling systems or load carriers that travel autonomously throughout a warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility without an onboard operator.

AGVs are equipped with sensors and navigation systems. Their integration into manufacturing ecosystems supports increased productivity, streamlined workflows, and flexible scalability, adapting to varying demands and complexities, thus driving operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Our AGV designs have improved significantly from propane powered to battery powered units. They can move single or double coils from 40 Tons to 100 Tons reducing costs or manpower needs. These AGVs can move from bay to bay on either a straight line or curve with our electric steering design following a wire In the floor. This is the most repetitive and accurate way to move AGVs opposed to Wi-Fi or GPS systems that lose signals due to interference.

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Upenders are used in production and maintenance applications by facilitating the efficient repositioning of products by rotating them within a 90° arc.

Avon Engineering offers both mechanical and hydraulic upenders, ranging from 20 Ton to 80 ton and up if required. Since both are designed to accomplish the same function, the weight, type and shape of the load will dictate which type is used.

The upender provides an easy and efficient way to upend metal coils, molds, dies and other heavy and bulky loads. Upenders, sometimes called coil positioners, rotate steel coils and other loads in either direction. They are used in a variety of production and maintenance applications.

Avon mechanical and hydraulic upenders are custom engineered for your particular application.

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