The mission of Avon Engineering is to deliver solutions for our customers’ toughest material handling challenges. We use state of the art tools to engineer custom equipment to meet specific manufacturer requirements.

Custom Construction for Precision Performance:

  • Staffed with professional engineers to ensure safe and reliable designs
  • Certified welders comply with Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) W47.1 and W59 standards
  • Fabrications range from thin wall chemical tanks to rigid steel mill drive gearboxes
  • All welds are verified by a certified, level 2 NDT inspector
  • Large assembly bay with 25 feet below the hook clearance and 20 foot by 17 foot shipping doors

Having built our reputation in steel mills, aluminum mills, mineral processing, paper mills, and other heavy industrial applications, we take pride in providing reliable custom equipment that can lift, stack, grab, hook, upend, invert, weigh or transfer any product.

Nucor 300 ton ladle beam

Automated Vertical Coil Grabs

Vertical coil grabs deliver significant advantages in industrial settings. These specialized tools excel in lifting and transporting coils of various sizes and weights with precision and safety. Automated coil grabs reduce the risk of accidents and injuries associated with manual handling, enhancing workplace safety. Their efficiency and reliability lead to improved productivity and reduced downtime. Additionally, their programmable features enable precise load positioning, making them essential for optimizing material handling processes in steel mills and other heavy industries.

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Ladle Hooks

Designed to handle molten metal ladles, these ladle hooks ensure safe and efficient material transport within steel mills and foundries. Ladle hooks enhance safety by minimizing the risk of accidents, while their robust construction and precision engineering ensure reliable performance. They facilitate quick and precise ladle positioning, optimizing workflow and reducing downtime. Ladle hooks are crucial for maintaining both safety and operational efficiency in heavy-duty metal processing operations.

Avon ladle hooks are designed to AIST/AISE Technical Report # 7.

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Ladle Beams

Ladle beams are a vital component of heavy-duty mill equipment and offer several key advantages in industrial applications. These sturdy beams are designed to securely handle and transport molten metal ladles, ensuring safety by preventing accidents and spills. Ladle beams also allow for precise positioning of ladles, facilitating efficient material transfer and minimizing downtime. Their robust construction and durability make them ideal for the demanding environment of steel mills and foundries. Ladle beams play a pivotal role in enhancing both safety and productivity in heavy-duty metal processing operations.

They are engineered to be robust for heavy duty application to meet the demands of steel mills.

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